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Beneath My Smile


Beneath my Smile
Shield tons and can of lies
Moving from left to right
In the darkness and Rays of light

I smile in pains
With question will I gain
I walk with no stain
But mesmerized by Rain

Sweetheart, sweet is your heart
Your flawless skin intoxicates my heart
All in the middle of earth
I promise to always play my part

I woke up in the middle of night
To always show my might
Behind tunnel, there’s a light
I want my future to be bright

The lost me to be found
The dead me to be bound
My ego is now been sound
My success, countless as sands

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Last night Again
I laid my head in pains
With tears ceaselessly dropping like rain,
My four walls turns to galore of stain

Tell me what shall be my fate
When my trust ends in vain
My trust is quite bitter
My bitterness was made sweeter
My claims are always intact
I am tired of love
For love is lost in Lust
Beneath my Smile,
A lot Really lies
Who’ll caress my Soul???

BADA 2021

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