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Who is CNN running dirty errands in Nigeria for?

By Thomas Uzah The Cable Network News (CNN) is still existing in the past in today’s globalized satellite and digital Television world. Some 20 years...

Re: How a bloody night of bullets quashed a young protest movement

By Richard Murphy Cable Network News, CNN's caption for a five minutes flick it produced on the Tuesday October 20, 2020 incident at Lekki Toll...

General Buratai and his devotion to fatherland

By Abubakar Gana   The greatest gist in Nigeria today among the country’s senior political harbingers, former leaders, and political elites is the sustained mockery of...

And in Lekki, the Truth Died

  By Philip Agbese I have noticed much of cacophonic noises about the alleged shootings and deaths in Lagos Lekki Toll Gate by Nigerian soldiers. The...

Femi Falana and Lady Justice

By Chidiebere Kalu Even weeks after, the haunting ghost of the completely senseless and subversive #EndSARS protests have refused to desert me. I kept wondering...

General Buratai And His Loyalty To Nigeria

By David Onmeje "The best system of governance is a democracy, and we must all ensure that Nigeria's democracy remains stable and steady. We will...

Why Nigerians want Amnesty International out of the country

A lot was expected from Amnesty International's maiden foray into Nigeria in 2015. With its burgeoning global status, Africa's most populous nation envisaged a new...

Understanding Amnesty International as a third force

Emmanuel Ome To a sleepy and unprepared world, global terrorism has caught it in deep slumber. All nations of the world have admitted the destructive...

AI and its failed neo -colonial agenda in Nigeria

By Mary Johnson The activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria have generated quite some debates. In some quarters, it has been argued that Amnesty International...

Amnesty International and global rejection

By Peter Kayode Amnesty International has been in the news again, this time around, and its typical fashion of turning the truth on its head...

Who is bankrolling Amnesty International in Nigeria?

By Justine Idakwo In the days before the #EndSARS protests, one of the spectacles Nigerians, and indeed the world, were treated to was the tantrum...

Nigerians deserve a better Country by Reginald Tobin

As a people, Nigerians have always been positive minded and hopeful to one day see the country of their dreams, to see a Nigeria...

Global Peace Index and Nigeria’s resilience against all odds

By Lawrence Audu There have been insinuations in some quarters discrediting the efforts of the Nigerian government towards addressing the various security challenges in the...

Is El- Zakzaky Truly A Terrorist?

By John Alli Some Nigerians occupy their time needlessly; or expend energies on worthless issues. I am tempted to ask the above question again because...

General Buratai and his Strategic Ministration to Nigeria

By Abubakar Gana PhD "...tactics ...is only a small part of generalship. For a general must also be capable of furnishing military equipment and providing...

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