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In my experience of engaging various creatives in conversations, I have always ascertained that many of them do not like sharing their works. Maybe not that they don’t like it and their works are not great enough, but they are not just really excited to. I mean, when they are creating their work with all the aha moments, they are super-pumped for it. But when it’s already a finished piece and the time to share to the world beckons, they feel restrained by lack of confidence, impostor syndrome, fear of the unknown and all that.

And sadly, this has made many genius talents hidden and some creatives not to get the attention and commendation they truly deserve for their works — after investing a great deal of time and effort to create them. Many of these creatives don’t just muster enough courage to show up and tell people about the amazing work they have done.

Well, some rise above all these challenges. And some probably don’t; they just remain there creating the piece and the world somehow never gets to know about it — even when it seems like a masterpiece already. And some just never feel their work is perfect enough to share. They would have lots of creations that may never see the light of the day.

The truth is, as a creative, leaving your finished works in the drafts won’t do you a whole lot of good. You have done incredible work already, so you should also do well to share the goodies with the world. Try to rise above your fears and find that boldness to share. And don’t even be afraid of criticism or plagiarism.

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No matter what you’re creating — a piece of design, drawing, literary art, research, visuals, anything — please share with people when you’re done. Yes, you may receive criticisms from your audience. But you will also receive feedback and compliments. And they will surely help you grow and improve your craft in the long run.

Dear creative, there is always the right tribe and audience waiting to see what phenomenal work you have created.

Another thing is that many creatives lose motivation early and give up too easily when sharing their works. Often, they expect every of the work they share to “blow”. When you start out as a creative, your works may not get enough attention and audience to compensate you for the efforts invested in their creations. But, you know, there is also a place of consistency in craft. You have to be intentional and consistent about sharing your works. You just may never know which of them will be all over everywhere and drive the most engagements.

So, dear Creative, you probably would never know which of the works you create will shoot you into limelight and be a major hit. You just have to keep sharing, taking a lot of chances on yourself and never give up on your journey.

Love, strength and light to everyone creating something amazing and doing some great work there! Whether you’re an innovative entrepreneur designing a product, an artist doing a piece of art, a writer penning a literary work, a photographer creating magic, a designer doing something super-cool, a techie running codes — whatever the kind of creative you’re. I just want you to know that the work you create is significant enough, and you should never look down on it for anything.

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Get yourself and your work out there. Be visible. Brand your work well. Even hype yourself, if you have to. And keep at your job. Keep doing it and showing up.

It’s okay to feel a bit afraid to share, but do it afraid. Close your eyes, and just share the good work. Sharing it may just be the bridge between you and your big breakthrough, which may just be around the corner.

Rooting hard for every creative out there, and wishing you all the best in your journey. Keep creating; keep sharing!


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