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“Credit Alerts!” – Pastor Leke Adeboye lists some of the love languages of Nigerian women


Pastor Leke Adeboye, has taken to his social media page to list what he believes are the love languages of Nigerian women.

The popular cleric started off by listing “getting alerts” as the number one love language of Nigerian women.

His post reads ;

On a lighter mood, in Nigeria, or let me say across Africa. Our own 5 love languages are, and correct me if I’m wrong ladies: 1. Getting alerts! 2. Expensive bags/shoes. 3. Ordering food that I’m not paying for. 4. Massages & being left alone in peace. 5. Did I mention getting Alarms not alerts. 50k is alert, 5M is alarM. LA

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Forgot to add number 6. Lastest fones, even if I don’t know how to work it. Wink wink.
7. Stop arguing with us, when we are trying to get our points across. We are the only ones allowed to speak. Your points don’t count. Just say sorry and admit you are wrong always.

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