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Ikechukwu: Sound Sultan is our 8th wonder


By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Rapper Ikechukwu has referred to the late Sound Sultan as an eighth wonder of the entertainment industry.

In a eulogy to the late ‘Jagbajantis’ singer, Ikechukwu recalled the moments spent with the late Sound Sultan saying he was a real being, friend, and confidant.

“Long Live Sound Sultan, our own 8th Wonder,” Ikechukwu wrote.

“I can’t stop crying bro. As I saw this, I broke down. I spoke to you last on the 25th like normal checking on the progress. U told me u were better than ever.

‘’The docs said this is the best you have been and were very positive about your recovery. I called on the 8th you no pick, I been wan vex, I say u go call back. You didn’t call back bro. You didn’t call back bro.

‘’You always kept it real with me, always checked up on me, unlike others. You were a real friend and confidant. Now you are gone. Just like that. I will miss u a lot bro,” he wrote in parts.

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Continuing, Ikechukwu lamented the future plans he made with the late Sound Sultan but were yet to be fulfilled saying, “God knows why he did this. Me I can’t understand it. You bought Aso Ebi. But the hospital runs became serious.

‘’Thought you would make it back for the wedding. That passed. Thought we would do this basketball thing we talked about. Thought we would do so much together. Now you are gone. I can’t stop crying and praying”

The rapper and actor ended his eulogy by saying, “You are the sweetest nicest person in the world. Now he has taken you who will provide the world with your goodness? May the Lord keep you in peace. And may Allah grant you his kingdom u prayed for oh so heavily.

God, I can’t believe I just typed this for you bro. Not for u. Oh no not for u.”


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