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Killer bandits; Wanted :1,000,000-man military


Tony Marinho


COVID-19 deaths approaching 3,990,000 among 184,400,000 diagnosed cases and 3.4b vaccines worldwide. Nigerian cases approaching 170,000 and 2,130 deaths with 3.9+m vaccine doses with 1.3 fully vaccinated. Delta Covid, third phase is spreading.

More killings in Kaduna and 43 migrants drowning off Lampedusa Island in the Mediterranean.

Disgracefully, another 35 defenceless Nigerians murdered by home-invading killers we pretend are just ‘bandits’. Imagine the terror to mother and children as murderous high-powered and explosive machine gun-shooting killers break down the gate, jump over or blow-up the walls, smash the doors, shatter the windows and destroy domestic furniture as the family drowned in terrified fear as complete strangers, perhaps with an informer – domestic or neighbours- search and scatter belongings searching out your hidden children in cupboards, under beds, squeezed behind the fridge but all discovered and dragged away. Nobody to the rescue? And so also for the Emir of Kajuru and 13 family members in Kaduna, and now the provost, College of Animal Science in Zamfara. Security forces thwarted the kidnapping of more people. Thank God. The Presidency must get busy writing yet more condolence letters and reveal to Nigerians how many condolence letters/messages have been vomited by Aso Rock -a new macabre record?

We are depressed by huge numbers of kidnapped children and youth and murdered fellow Nigerian citizens and five million Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs. Too many remain captives of the killer bandits demanding and apparently receiving rice and food items for themselves and their terror-ridden victims especially the over 120 innocents just seeking knowledge, kidnapped wickedly from the Baptist school. If government can deliver food to an enemy, it must have an address to send food to or a tracking device in the food to get the address. So government can send them rice but cannot free them? A tragedy to every family involved. Can anyone believe that the government is acting with upmost urgency, no matter the statements that dribble from Aso Rocks? Can anyone say we have put enough men, women and modern machinery into the field of battle? More than six years into this administration, we have not seen the increased manpower recruitment into all forces including the Police to adequately protect all the vulnerable Nigerians, nationwide.

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We have lost a lot of time and opportunity for arms and manpower build-up to fight the current wars and coming wars with people bent on mass destruction of life and education and modernity. These people, villains, hate modernity but strangely fully embrace a dangerous product of extreme education and modernity – deadly weaponry- which they embrace with a death-wish for innocents in countries from across the Sahel in Chad and Niger. These imported and sometimes home-grown killer-bandits will gain strength and numbers when the French and perhaps the British leave those countries. The growing forces from those leaving a newly peaceful Libya are anticipated but no national countermeasures, reinforcement of borders and points of easy illegal penetration appear to be in preparation. Let us hope secret war games are being carried out but the first fruit would be an elimination of bandit gangs because Nigeria cannot fight an external force at the border and internal fight, back and front war which will engulf the army surrounded by enemies without the country and in country.

More football!! Some call it ‘Foolball’. Nigerians miss out through years deprived of coaching, equipment and sport funding with ‘Accidental Hero Sportspersons’.

Messi score to beat Brazil 1-0 in the Copa America. The Argentinian side including staff is completely white? Why? Google ‘Argentina’s slavery question’. Teach your children the answer. Many countries shouting ‘freedom’ today have cruel and deadly racial human rights records. Racists’ statues removed in the US after a 5-7 year battle in a 200-year antislavery war. Hurray!!  Meanwhile in basketball, Nigeria [US trained stars] beat USA in a friendly pre-Olympic2020/1. Scoreboard  90:87. Hurray! In football’s World Cup, Italy beat England on penalties and Sir Richard Branson and his crew are ‘Astronauts’ having crossed 50miles or 80kilometre to outer space. Hurray!!

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Most complete education includes sport but media pictures of schools of the victim children in Nigeria show the dilapidated classrooms and schools, ill-equipped to deliver the quality deserved by children despite billions from the Universal Basic Education Commission and State UBE Boards and a shamefully negligent national failure to equip Nigeria’s youth for a self-reliant, rewarding future.

There is a book on Leah Sharibu, kidnapped by Boko haram during the Chibok debacle. The agony is still raw but Nigeria fails to rescue her even though Shekau is dead.

Why is the cost of freedom from government’s moral failures and inadequacies often death?

‘May we be invisible to the enemy’. No dwelling is safe from attack. Endless government commiserations and daylight inspection parades cannot save anyone. Nigeria needs no 1,000,000-man marches. We need a 1,000,000-man military recruitment, quick intense training and quality increase in personnel in all aspects of security services for 24-hour massive security presence. We need to recall our retired reserve officers to help train generation next. We are dragged into a war we never wanted to fight. We will soon also be at war with rebels, mercenaries, fortune hunters from Libya/Sahara, Chad/Niger and ISIS-WA. Is Nigeria being prepared too late to fight an on-going war? Or are we, by complacency or conspiracy and connivance being set for a fall? I have heard Nigeria described as a juice prize.



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