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Lagos about to be overrun by beggars


By Bukola Ajisola


Sir: Whilst the Lagos State House of Assembly is upbeat in passing a legislation outlawing parading of suspects in whatever guise, it leaves much to be desired why such bill has become a legislative priority in an assembly inundated with cosmopolitan exigencies begging for attention.

How has parading a suspect or its flip side helped the Lagos economy or its social life? It comes across as one of the inanities of the Lagos Assembly leaving exigent state matters to suffer while focusing on immaterial denouements.

Lagos has become a basket of attraction for mendicants who are ejected from other less endowed states who have adopted proactive state legislation.

Beggars including other social miscreants have made Lagos one of the most unliveable spaces on earth yet Lagos lawmakers find no merit in taking urgent legislative steps to arrest it.


Highway robbers can hardly be distinguished from highway beggars in Lagos all combined to make commuting a hell for law abiding citizens.

In the midst of this confusion, Lagos assembly is only concerned with a mundane issue of parading or not parading suspects. What an outlandish dereliction of duty?

Lagos can provide crowd funding platforms where citizens can make contribution to housing and feeding the homeless among these beggars but to simply allow beggars to lay siege on a state capital accentuates a depiction of a Hobbesian State of Nature.

If Lagos state is not embarrassed by this malady, then nothing else could rouse its sense of tectonic urgency.


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