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Osun: Is the Honeymoon over?


Is the Honeymoon over?

First it was the executive order to make Aregbesola stranded during his Waziri installation where all Osun government officials were put under watchlist with the successful intention to forbid them from honouring their roaring former Leader. That disappointment got at the Minister of Interior such that he publicly lamented at the poor attendance and hand his former lieutenants to God. His popular line was Eyin Nuu-un Olorun Nuu-un which has remained famous in public social space till date.

And then Aregbesola flouted the State government order when he failed to handover his palliative materials to Oyetola during the pandemic. He instead use his own formula to distribute his goodies to his Friends and Supporters.

Then came the birthday of the former First Lady Mrs Sherifat Aregbesola and Governor Oyetola was missing in action among the company of well wishers who identified with the family openly either by attendance or even by ordinary greetings. An opportunity came shortly later when Oyetola marked his 66 years birthday and his estranged former Boss took his own pound of flesh by distancing from the Osun State helmsman.

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And then, Oyetola was severely attacked and almost killed by a section of the masses but his Predecessor looked the other way and did not offer any sympathy. Aregbesola was simply not bulged.

Now to the most important observation, President Buhari gave his Ministers leave of absence so as to visit their respective States and do an assessment of the #EndSars crisis, since then we have not heard of the significant presence of the Honourable Minister Rauf Aregbesola anywhere in Osun State. Is the former Governor no longer interested in whatever happens here so far it is Oyetola that is leading?

Just yesterday, Ministers in Yoruba land paid visitation to Asiwaju Tinubu and his confessed former political Generalissimo next in rank to Tinubu himself was absent. The report could not account that Aregbesola was present.

Is all these happening because of the feud between Oyetola and Aregbesola. Tinubu and Oyetola are half brothers and it is often said that family ties are unbroken and that blood is thicker than water. Is Tinubu already sacrificing Aregbesola to unduly favour his Sister’s Son – Oyetola? And why will Tinubu ignore the sacrifices and past loyalty of Rauf Aregbesola? Pundits say Aregbesola has now been recruited to join the presidential cabals under Gov Kayode Fayemi in the southwest to nail Tinubu’s rumoured presidential ambition. Whether that will be achieved is a matter for another day.

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How far can Oyetola go without Rauf Aregbesola? Till now Oyetola can not face the Osun electorates to ask for votes. He lacks the balls. We have a date with history as we watch on….

ABS writes from Osun State.


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