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“Presidential Visitation Panel Will Rejig Polytechnic Sector In Nigeria” – Fedpoffa Rector


Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji has expressed confidence in visitation panel set up by Federal Government through Ministry of Education to Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria.

The visitation team to the Federal Polytechnic Offa is chaired by Professor Duro Oni and comprises of other six other members.

Earlier, Dr. Olatunji in his welcome address thanked President Muhammadu Buhari through the Federal Ministry of Education for gathering the crop of seasoned administrators and adept educationists as member of the visitation team to the Polytechnic, adding that the combination of such great minds will help to rejig the polytechnic sector in Nigeria through their observation, findings and recommendation.

He stressed further that there is a problem in the Polytechnic sector and it has not been taken care of like University counterpart.

He however appealed to the visitation panel to hint the government for necessary action to improve the Polytechnics in Nigeria.

“The Polytechnic sector have suffered and we know that the government has done a lot for the University sector. I hereby to appeal that your visit should assist this sector, not only in this Polytechnic but all over where the visitation panels are being established,” he added.

Dr. Olatunji on behalf of the Management assured the panel of maximum cooperation and support of the Polytechnic in every regards.

Chairman of the panel, Prof Duro Oni assured the Polytechnic Management, staff, students and communities around Offa of fair hearing and equal representation.

He noted that the mandate of the panel as directed by the Honorable Minister of education is not to witch hunt anyone in the Polytechnic or settle old grudges. He emphasised that onus of the panel is to look into the areas facing set back in the Polytechnic system and make recommendation for the betterment of all the Polytechnics in Nigeria. He urged staff to submit memoranda to the panel within the time frame announced in the media which will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

He said: “Giving us this mandate, the Honorable Minister clearly stated that the exercise is not a witch hunt, jamboree or unnecessary waste of time. Our job is to listen to everyone, we are not a court of law and we are not going to pass judgment on anyone.

All we are expected to do is to study the situation of the polytechnic and make recommendation. The memoranda should be submitted so we can address all issues.”


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