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PTAD: Resolving pensioners’ matters | The Nation Nigeria


JOSEPH: I read in The Nation of Wednesday, June 23, 2021 about pensioners’ problems. As regards the minimum wage increase, may I know if this is extended to all qualified pensioners. I registered with NSITF. Thanking you in advance for your expected reply.

PTAD: Please note that all qualified pensioners are entitled to the increment. However, you can direct your enquiries to Salaries and Wages Commission for further clarification.

EKONG: Dear Omobola, I thank you for the effort your organisation has put in place to help us.

I retired fro ALSCON. I spoke with a PTAD staff member on June 15, 2021 and she asked me to scan and send a document I was given when I was verified in ,which I did.

But since then, I have not been able to reach her on her phone again. Kindly help me to with PTAD so I can get a response from them.

PTAD: Pensioner should kindly exercise patience as payment of ALSCON is being made in batches.

DORATHY: I reported that my name was removed from the payroll since May 2018. I was verified and captured on May 31, 2019, but till date, I have not been paid and my name has not been restored on the payroll.

Please note that I worked with the then P&T. My date of first appointment was September 22, 1962 and my date of retirement was June 1, 1986.

I am an old and frail looking woman with bad sight and has difficulty in moving around.

Please, do come to my assistance.

PTAD: Pensioner was contacted and had been informed that her complaint would be forwarded to the operatioons department for further review

EYONG: This is a reminder to The Nation. I am Eyong. I served with the Nigeria Police Force from August 1974 to August 2009.

I am with Stanbic IBTC Pension. I want you to help me draw the attention of PTAD to Section 15 (a) of PRA of 2004 as amended. It said as from June 30, 2004, being the commencement of the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS), the “Accrued Pension” right to retirement benefits of those who have more than three years to serve be kept in a bond till full retirement.

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The law makers saw that the accrued pension is meant to be transferred in PRA 2004 before the amendment in 2014 and included the word accrued being past tense so that one should not confuse it to include monthly pension. Under the Defined Pension Scheme, there is no accrued monthly pension before you retire, but if you reach 15 years and above in service, you are entitled to gratuity only.

Almost seven years after the Act was amended and those who retired from 2017 till date, have completed the 10 years’ pension given to them. Therefore, PTAD is supposed to have resumed the payment of their monthly pension.

Also, Section 119 of the PRA 2004 as amended state thus: “Were any other enactment of any law is inconsistent with the Act, the Act shall prevail.’’

Section 48 (1) PRA 2004 as amended, also mandates PenCom to make only regulations that ensure compliance with the Act.

Against this background, I am appealing to PTAD to resume our monthly pension payment for the years we served under the Defined Pension Scheme, which Section 45 of PRA 2004 imposes on PTAD as a duty.

PTAD: Kindly inform the pensioner that his complaint do not fall under the purview of PTAD. He should contact his Pension Fund Administator(PFA) and PenCom to resolve his complaint

GOKOP: I retired from the Plateau State Civil Service with federal share. I was verified by PTAD. My colleagues are on pension payroll, I am yet to be on the pay roll. PTAD help me.

PTAD: Kindly inform the pensioner to scan his verification slip to [email protected] or send his service documents and phone number if he has not been verified.

MUSTAFA: My name is Mustafa. I retired from the Lagos State Post-primary Teaching Service Commission on the April 30, 2004. The date of my first appointment at Epe Division Grammar School, Lagos State was June 1,1969. I spent all my service years in Lagos State for 35 years.

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My complaints are that I have not been paid the federal share of my gratuity from 1969 to 1976; my pension from May 1, 2004 to February 2008 has not been paid. Instead, I was paid from March 1,2008 to date. Thanks for your assistance, May God bless your efforts.

PTAD: Kindly inform pensioner to scan his verification slip to [email protected] and state his complaint.

UDE: My name is Ude. I retired from Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST). Please I have not seen my pension arrears, although my colleagues have seen theirs. Kindly use your good offices to look into my matter.

PTAD: Kindly inform pensioner to scan his verification slip to [email protected] and state the period the arrears were not paid.

UZOR: I urge PTAD to pay my outstanding gratuity. I retired as Permanent Secretary from Imo State Civil Service. But the federal share of my gratuity has not been paid, despite attending the November 2015 zonal verification by PTAD in Owerri.

PTAD: Pensioner should provide the original stamped a signed comprehensive bank statement from retirement till date, stating his complaint as well as his verification slip and attach a note addressed to the Executive Secretary, for further processing.


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